Yucel: “TEOG effects our youth negatively with its presence and results”

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  • Yucel: “TEOG effects our youth negatively with its presence and results”

BAU Global’s President Enver Yucel, who made a statement on removal of TEOG which is related to millions of students, said “TEOG effects our youth negatively with its presence and results. Schools should select their own students.”

After the statement made by the President of the Republic, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, about TEOG, the question ‘Will TEOG be removed?’ has arisen. There are new developments about TEOG exam which is a debatable issue. Enver Yucel, Bahcesehir University’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees, said “I agree with the opinions expressed by Dear Mr. President. TEOG negatively impacts our entire community and the education system with its presence and results. With this examination system, single type of high schools are created, education is focused only on the examination and it causes loss of identification of the high schools as well as loss of time for 1.3 million of youth and their families and most importantly our country. The pressure of the examination decreases the quality of our education system. We delay somethings about bringing the individuals into the life. We prepare them for exams instead of the life. Therefore, we only measure the gains in the academic years and the preparations for the exams. We do not consider sports life, art, social responsibility projects and studies. The structure which is focused only on the exams does not bring us to right place. Indeed, we are in the digital era and we should keep in step with this era. We cannot catch the education of this era with the education system we have. We should focus on what the abilities of students are, instead of what the students don’t know”.


Enver Yucel, who mentioned about the negative aspects of TEOG exam, said “The youth, who enter TEOG examination in their age of 13-16 that is the period of gaining the most of their abilities, focus only on this exam and devoid of sports. This situation triggers many diseases such as obesity. Therefore, we need to cancel TEOG exam, especially the understanding of multiple-choice questions and we need to start using open ended questions immediately. We do not suggest cancelling all exams, measurement and assessments will always be done. But they must be done correctly”.


Yucel, making suggestions about the education system, said “Every school should be able to select its own students. The schools should not select students with single understanding and single examination. They should be able to select students according to their own cultures and targets. The students will be able to prepare themselves starting from the elementary school and the first school and the schools will be able to have more competition force and present different models to the students. The system which I recommend is the system we have been applying in our university for 4 years and in our high schools since the last year, with student application and acceptance model. This model named “Apply BAU and Apply Fen-tek” which we do not apply in the schools is based on application of the students for the schools (the students can make application by submitting his/her CV, abilities, past experiences, targets and ideas) and acceptance of the students by making interview with the students as result of this application. The students get to know the schools and equip themselves with different abilities for being accepted to the schools. Of course, exams will be made, however, the knowledge of the students will be measured instead of their lack of knowledge. Accordingly, their abilities will be detected and they will be directed better.”


Yucel, mentioning that the families should not worry, said “Ministry of National Education will work on this subject. It will suggest on removal of these exams or the understandings and models to be put instead of them. They can continue their normal education lives if it will be removed this year. As a result, these students do not make any bad things. They feel themselves academically more powerful. However, it would make a benefit. They can engage in sports, art or develop projects.”

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Enver Yücel was born in 1957 in Giresun and he studied at Hayarpaşa High School that was a boarding school. After he graduated from the Mathematics Department of the Atatürk Education Institute at Marmara University, which is now known as the Marmara University Faculty of Education.

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