Enver Yücel Heralded A Significant Award In Italy

Bahçeşehir University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Enver Yücel was heralded with “The Foedus Special Award” by the Foedus Foundation, located in Italy, on account of his contributions to education.

Organized by the Foedus Foundation – in operation since 2003 with the mission to provide support in the culture, development and solidarity domains – this year’s Award Ceremony was held in Rome on 30th November 2015. The award ceremony, hosted by the president of the Foedus Foundation Mario Baccini, his wife Diana Baccini and journalist Ludovica Rossi Purini – recently appointed as the Chair of the American Film Festival, took place with the participation of 500 invitees from the world of business and politics, along with media representatives. Numerous awards in various categories were presented to their owners at the award ceremony held at the Hilton Hotel Rome. Bahçeşehir University Founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Enver Yücel was granted the “Foedus Special Award” at the ceremony, on account of his contributions to the education of new generations.

Accepting his award from the Foedus Foundation President Mario Baccini, Enver Yücel highlighted the prevention of intercultural conflicts in his speech. Yücel said, “I have spent my life to date with the endeavors of researching about and contemplating on the education systems of my country Turkey and the whole world while also taking initiative in this area as I continue to do so. This display of recognition for our efforts and contributions to education by the Foedus Foundation and being granted with the Foedus Special Award, is not only a source of pride on my behalf, but is also noteworthy and distinctive in portraying the contributions of Foedus to education and culture. At this point in humanity, the sole elements that can provide the durability of our civilization are cultural transmission and education. When we revisit history, the reconstruction and development of civilizations have always been possible by means of cultural transmission and education, including the eras where transcripts were lost and forgotten. Therefore, the mission undertaken and the efforts demonstrated by Foedues on these lands that gave rise to Renaissance and initiated enlightenment are priceless. I would like to congratulate you, Foedus, once again for this determination and focus on the two fundamental domains of our civilization.” Offering his condolences to the French people and the relatives of those who lost their lives at the Paris attacks of November, Enver Yücel continued his speech saying, “Unfortunately my country Turkey is also subject to these inhumane acts of terror leading to the loss of countless innocent civilians. As you will remember, the recent attacks in Ankara killed 102 of our citizens and we are still grieving for the lives lost. I would like to once again offer my condolences to the loved ones of our victims.

Yet again, I strongly condemn terrorism and would like to emphasize once more that terrorist attacks cannot and will not be justified. These barbarous assaults have not only targeted the people of those countries, but all of humanity and our common values. A portrayal of unity, with the alliance of civilizations and deprived of religious, linguistic and racial discrimination will be the strongest response against these attacks.” Yücel ended his speech with the words, “The only solution to prevent intercultural conflicts and the sole prerequisite and medium required to establish everlasting peace across cultures is education.”

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Enver Yücel was born in 1957 in Giresun and he studied at Hayarpaşa High School that was a boarding school. After he graduated from the Mathematics Department of the Atatürk Education Institute at Marmara University, which is now known as the Marmara University Faculty of Education.

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