Enver Yücel met with Pope Benedict the 16th at the Vatican

Bahçeşehir University Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Enver Yücel, had a meeting with the leader of the Catholic world Pope Benedict the 16th. Yücel gave to the Pope “The Diplomatic Relationship of the Vatican and Turkey” as a present.


Yücel was in Rome to host an event held in memory of the famous musician Itri, when he met the Pope and informed him about the work Bahçeşehir University has been doing for the sake of world peace and presented books, publications and research made by the institution to the Pope.

In the meeting Mr. Yücel said, “We are working hard to contribute to world peace at Bahçeşehir University.”


Enver Yücel’s meeting with Papa has been published in L’Ossevatore Romano, the official newspaper of the Vatican.

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Enver Yücel was born in 1957 in Giresun and he studied at Hayarpaşa High School that was a boarding school. After he graduated from the Mathematics Department of the Atatürk Education Institute at Marmara University, which is now known as the Marmara University Faculty of Education.

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